2005 World Masters Games -- Athletics Results by Event

[This page last updated on December 6, 2005.]

To display results, select an event from the index on the left. A full set of results (excluding Half-Marathon) is also available. (There are notes below regarding steps to follow if results for an event do not appear.)

The reconciled Half-Marathon results are now available, including by age group. When we have identified the "unknown" athlete Who is this?... who finished at 1:37:47, we will consider the results finalized. The chip timing results have been removed (they were off by a second or few in some events).

Regarding the Half-Marathon times: If you started your own stop watch when you first crossed the mat at Foote Field (i.e.: circa 250 metres after the gun start), please note that the correct time for your race was the gun start (not "mat-to-mat" start).

On our "To Do" list is to fill in the field series for the events that occurred at Rollie Miles Athletics Park. When this has been completed, the "full results" will be updated, as will the specific results for each event (to ensure they reflect corrections that were made after the original event-specific results were posted).

If you have questions or concerns about the results, please send an electronic mail message to ESQ@telus.net. If the results for an event do not appear (or seem to be outdated) after selecting an event from the index on the left, you might need to click Refresh/Reload and/or delete your temporary/cache files. If you are using Internet Explorer (e.g.: Internet Explorer Version 6):

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