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I just want people to enjoy the music.
Buddy Farnham

Below are some samples of Buddy Farnham's words and music. He played all the instruments you'll hear, including banjo, guitar, mandolin, and fiddle (violin). Have a listen as he sings of love, life, and God.... (You can also have a listen at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Catapult .)

"I Was Close to God"
Side A
Side B
I Was Close to God 151Kb Memories of Mother 141Kb
Gone Home [*] I'd Like to Have Papa Show Me Around [*]
Little Mountain Church House [*] Beautiful Life [*]
Back to the Cross [*] Walk by the Arm of Jesus 162Kb

"I Picked a Rose Today"
Side A
Side B
I Picked a Rose Today 133Kb Snow is on the Meadow 171Kb
All I'll Ever Need is You 172Kb Little Country Church [* Traditional]
Mamma Grew Tired 153Kb Today I Told the World I Love You 150Kb
It Took Only a Moment 215Kb Father's Table Grace [* O. Jones and H. Sewell]
A Very Special Friend 166Kb Sweet Bunch of Daisies [* Traditional]

"Mountain Valley Music"
Side A
Side B
Mountain Valley Music 303Kb Listen to the Mocking Bird [* Traditional]
I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap [*] Alabama Jubilee [* Jack Yellow, Geo Cobb]
Sweet Memories of You 172Kb Red Wing [* Thurland Chattaway, Kerry Mills]
Liberty [*] Kentucky Waltz [* Bill Munroe]
Buddy's Guitar 599Kb Be Nobody's Darling But Mine [* Jimmy Davis]
Amazing Grace [* Traditional] Vaya Con Dios [* Larry Russell, Inez Sawyer, Buddy Repper]
Wind in Your Hair 280Kb

"Music by Buddy"
Side A
Side B
Thru Whispering Pines 183Kb Back in Each Other's Arms 82Kb
Flowers Blooming in the Valley 168Kb I Picked a Rose for You
Snow Falling in the Meadow Today I Told the World I Love You
A Long Time Ago 148Kb The Day You Walked Out 221Kb
If I Could Dream My Dreams Over 158Kb My Photograph Album [* Pat Kolskog]

Would you like to hear more? Please send your enquiries (and a note of appreciation) to:

Shirley Ingram (née Farnham)
Box 1393
Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0

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Listening Hints and Technical Tidbits

In case you have trouble listening to the music sample files, here are some hints....

With the exception of the MP3 file(s), the files are in "WAV" sound file format (using "DVI ADPCM" data format, if you're technically curious). The music sample files should play fine with "Sound Recorder" (a.k.a.: SNDREC32.EXE, standard in Windows 95; was SOUNDREC.EXE in Windows 3.11). This is the application you may need to tell your Internet browser to use. (Netscape hint: Go into general preferences. In the "Helpers" area, change the information for "audio/x-wav". Ensure the "mime type" is audio, and the file extension is "wav".)

Unless you have a REALLY fast connection, you might have to wait a minute or five for the file to be downloaded before you can play the sound file. If you then are not able to hear anything -- and you are using an "audio plug-in" for your Internet browser -- try changing the preferences to instead use the sound player that came with your graphical user interface (i.e.: SNDREC32.EXE in Windows 95; SOUNDREC.EXE in Windows 3.11). (If you are unable to change the preference, add a new type, and rename the file that performs the audio plug-in (e.g.: in Windows 95, rename NPAUDIO.DLL to NPAUDIO.DL).)

(One more tidbit for the technically curious.... The sample rate 22050 kilohertz was used on all music sample songs except for: "I Was Close to God"; the first track on "I Picked a Rose Today"; and all but the first track on "Music by Buddy". The rest used the 11025 kilohertz sample rate.)

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