"At Home Again... Naturally...."

As stunning as the pandemic declaration was to some on March 11, 2020, it really did not hit home (for me) until the following (March 12) mid-morning when -- in the span of a fifteen-minute walk (10:20ish) from work to the bus stop (to go home to print things for that weekend's Running Room Indoor Games finals and to prepare bib numbers for that Sunday's St. Patrick's Day Run) -- everything came crashing down: NHL stopped indefinitely, concerts called off, Alberta Health issued bulletins, Running Room had to cancel the Indoor Games (first cancellation in more than four decades)... with various, other collapses (track and field meets, road races, BC SuperWeek, cross-country meets) in short order....

A few neurons were thinking of a song during the subsequent months, so... I tossed some lyrics together. Tune is Gilbert O'Sullivan's 1972 "Alone Again (Naturally)" (or for a music-only version, www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmYdV4pmjEE or www.youtube.com/watch?v=pds0Ls1YyT4 (but the latter does not really have the guitar solo))....

"At Home Again... Naturally..." [Sung to the tune of Gilbert O'Sullivan's 1972 "Alone Again (Naturally)"]

    In the little year to now
    the world is feeling a bit more dour.
    Anonymous, I miss (myself)
    the smiles from the office tower.
    No dining at the top,
    no "Throw my mask off!...";
    in our efforts to
    make it safe to which-ever
    we'd do with those who've mattered.
    "No standing in a church", says research
    the doctors' saying... Oh, Lord, no bluff:
    COVID flared up;
    millions fewer remaining....
    Was told "To all, stay home,
    and do so on your own..."
    At home again... naturally....

    It seems like only yesterday
    crowds were cheerful, fun to stay;
    looking forward to the track meets, too,
    timing races throughout the day.
    But as if to shock us down,
    Pandemic came around
    and without too much -- but a mere touch --
    cut families into pieces,
    leaving us to shout,
    be without, "Gods:  Where are mercies?!"
    Oh, can our friendships just subsist
    on "Can you still see me?...".
    In our hour of need
    our hugging is indeed...
    In Chrome again... naturally....

    It's clear to all that
    too many hearts saddened in the world:
    lives too soon ended,
    passed unattended...
    What could we do?...
    What should we do?....

    [Guitar solo...]

    A tome again... naturally....

    Looking back over the year
    and the chaos that did appear:
    We remember we cried as each parent died,
    it is adding to all our fears.
    Whether ninety-five years old
    or babies (God rest their souls),
    still can't understand why the only plans
    were from plagues:  Are they mistaken?
    Aching of the heart
    in a world so badly broken,
    a bright reminder that is key:
    a smile, a love, unspoken.
    A moment's passed away...
    I bide and sigh all day....
    Sing "Om" again... naturally...
    At home again... naturally.....


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