"Fourteen Days of Quarantine"

The morning of October 9, 2020 included a message from Human Resources, a message about more COVID-related restrictions, a message that caused a few neurons to start humming. Below are the lyrics some other neurons thought they heard. Sung to the last part of an extended version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".... (Saw egg nog in the store more than a week before that, so Christmas is more than eighty-six days nowadays anyway....)]

"Fourteen Days of Quarantine"

On the Fourteenth Day of Virus Mean, quarantine would mean to me...
Fourteen missing hugs,
Thirteen cancelled track meets,
Twelve more seconds washing,
Eleven Purell headaches,
Ten COVID songs,
Nine bags of groceries,
Eight fewer pies,
Seven months pandemic,
Six abolished pot-lucks,
Five... annoying... masks...
Four empty shelves,
Three new measures from Wendy,
Two metres distance...
And a COVID?  Stay out of me!!....


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