Dear Mary:

As extra prayers are expressed as appreciations of you and your ages-ago providence this evening, may some of the veneration yield shared strength for those who have sorrow this year.

More than all, you know the heartbreak when a Child of God -- a Child reminding of Joy to the World... a Child renewing one's faith of the World... a Child recalling God's Love in the World -- passes away too young.  Our own awareness of mortality rarely prepares us for overwhelming loss, challenging our understanding of Salvation when personal grief is at hand and is ongoing.

Even those understanding Dr. Leo Buscaglia's "Life really is a wonderful series of Nows..." may have difficulty raising their mind's eyes to the Gate of Dawn, their eyes brimming in the solitude the bereavement from the passing of a Child of God renders.  In those moments-that-become-months, we often need the strength of your heart, especially in finding mercy (not least in that we rarely know anything about God's Plan nor Will as we agonize over Nows missed).  Your love from your heart educes that "Cherish each moment..." need not be a bitter lesson at the end, but instead a guide at the start of a journey -- of life... of lives... of love... -- together.

Mothers are the fount of all charity, because of how vital it is to give of one's self to families and then to others.  (Mothers know:  "Love is when someone else's needs are more important than your own....")  May your heralding and subsequent nurturing of Joy to the World give some small comfort (perhaps in the memories of shared smiles) to those missing a Child of God this evening and season... and deserving a reminder of their own contributions to Joy and to Peace to all....


Vernon R.J. Schmid


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