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If you thought the Olympics were big....

The Edmonton Journal Indoor Games is a community athletics (track and field) event that allows children from grades three through twelve the opportunity to experience the thrill of competition -- against themselves and each other. Track events for girls and boys include 200m and 800m individual events as well as 8 x 200m relay events. Mixed relay events are offered for small elementary and junior high schools. Elementary long jump, a teachers' relay race, and select invitational events are also available for participation.

If you're curious about how The Edmonton Journal Indoor Games compares with the average Olympics, have a look at the school event participation.

Entry Verification and Form

The Year 2011 registration information is available in Adobe format. (You will require Adobe Reader to open it.) Please use the electronic registration form. Fax entries will NOT be accepted.

Results and Heat Sheets

The results will be posted here after they have appeared in the Edmonton Journal. (Please support our sponsor -- buy a paper!) Due to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, athlete names for which a signed release form was not received have been replaced (as per a letter regarding the release form).

The 2011 results include:

The 2010 results include:

The 2009 results include:

The 2008 results include:

The 2007 results include:

The 2006 results include:

The 2005 results include:

The 2004 results include:

The 2003 results include:

The 2002 results include:

The consolidated teacher relay results are in the March 6 results file

The 2001 results include February 20 (secondary individual), February 21 and March 7 (all junior high and elementary relays), February 27 (elementary individual), and Saturday, March 17.

The 2000 results include February 23 (elementary relays), March 1 (elementary individual), March 7 (junior high relays and Masters mile preliminaries), and full results for March 18.

The 1999 results include February 16-17 (secondary individual and elementary relays), March 2 (elementary individual), March 10 (junior high relays), and full results for March 20.

Here are the full 1998 results as of 1998-03-21. (Warning: 281,000+ bytes.)

Here are the 1997 results as of 1997-03-15. (Warning: 239,000+ bytes.)

If you're curious about the software used for The Edmonton Journal Indoor Games, please contact Hy-Tek Sports Software and ask about Meet Manager.

2011 Schedule

Below is the PRELIMINARY 2011 schedule for The Edmonton Journal 33rd Annual Indoor Games. All events occur at the Universiade Pavilion (87 Avenue and 114 Street, on University of Alberta Campus). Due to parking restrictions on campus, use of Edmonton Transit is highly recommended. Head coaches should ensure their bus drivers follow the guidelines for bus/coach parking at the University of Alberta.

December 6, 2010 Information packages (including registration forms) mailed out. Please allow a week for yours to arrive in the mail.
February 14, 2011 practice time (1500h to 2000h)
February 17
  • Entry Deadline for Elementary Relays
  • Entry Deadline for Elementary Individual events
February 22 Elementary Relays Sessions A and B (8 x 200m) preliminary rounds
February 23
  • Elementary Relays Sessions C, D, and E (8 x 200m) preliminary rounds
  • Elementary Teachers Relays (4 x 200m) preliminary rounds
February 28 Elementary Individual (200m, 800m, and long jump) preliminary rounds
March 3 Entry Deadline for Junior High Relays, Secondary Teachers Relays, Senior High Individual, and Junior High Individual
March 3 Entry Deadline for Masters Mile
March 8
  • Senior High Individual (200m and 800m) preliminary rounds
  • Junior High Relays (8 x 200m) preliminary rounds
  • Secondary Teachers Relays (4 x 200m) preliminary rounds
  • Junior High Individual (200m and 800m) preliminary rounds
  • Masters Mile preliminaries (if necessary)
March 11 Submission Deadline for Junior High team lists
March 14
  • Entry Deadline for Senior High Relays
  • Submission Deadline for Senior High team lists
March 19 The Big Day: quarterfinals, semifinals, and all finals (plus Senior High Relays (8 x 200m) preliminary round) -- refer to the tentative daytime schedule. The evening schedule is not yet available.

Elementary Relays Session Availability

The table below summarizes the available entries in the various Elementary Relay sessions. Sessions A and B will be held February 22, and Sessions C, D, and E will be held February 23. Sessions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If the session is filled when your entry is received, you MUST enter in a session that has available space. (Sorry, no exceptions. Note that Sessions B and E will accommodate as many entries as necessary.)

Session Number of Heats Total Teams Teams Filled
A Girls 8 64
B Girls as needed
C Girls 8 64
D Girls 8 64
E Girls as needed
A Mixed 2 16
B Mixed as needed
C Mixed 2 16
D Mixed 2 16
E Mixed as needed
A Boys 8 64
B Boys as needed
C Boys 8 64
D Boys 8 64
E Boys as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

My athlete had a fast time in their event. In the listed results, their name is listed below much slower athletes. Why?

The results list heat winners first, followed by the next fastest times. If your athlete did not win the heat, their name will appear after the event's heat winners.

Why are my athletes/teams in the same heat of the next round?

The normal seeding in the first (preliminaries) round is to not have athletes/teams from the same school in the same heat.

However... AFTER the first round, the seeding is based on place and time. Assuming there are three heats for the next round, this means the heat winners are distributed in a 1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3... fashion, followed by the fastest (non-winning) qualifiers. If both of your teams win their heat, and the "A" team has the fastest time and the "B" team has the 12th or 13st fastest time, the teams will both be in heat one of the next round.

How do I find out if my team/athlete qualified from the preliminaries?

After the last race is completed on the evening of the preliminaries, the overall results are posted in the Universiade Pavilion (Butterdome). That evening, the results (including indications of who advances) are sent to the Edmonton Journal. After the results are published in the Edmonton Journal, the results will be posted at

The information that someone says is posted on the web site is not appearing for me. Why?

You might need to click Refresh/Reload and/or perform the steps to delete your temporary/cache files.

For More Information

For more information about The Edmonton Journal Indoor Games, contact

News In Education Promotions Coordinator
The Edmonton Journal
P.O. Box 2421
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2S6
phone (780) 429-5175; fax (780) 429-5318
You can also contact the Meet Director of the The Edmonton Journal Indoor Games.

For information on other athletics events, visit the home page of Athletics Alberta.

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